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Czequestria 2022 - Sun vs. Moon


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Sometimes it feels like there that pony meetups and conventions are all in the past. But that's just a myth! Like others, our team has not given up, and despite everything, we’re still working on the preparations, even in these strange times. The atmosphere of big events is something we are all missing and want to experience again!


Theme for Czequestria 2022 will be the “Sun vs. Moon”!



The theme of the Sun and the Moon is one of the main ones in Equestria stories, whether we see Celestia and Luna, or stories that tie in with our two princess sisters. They have also found their way into many fanfictions (Children of the Night, Solar empire vs. New Lunar Republic...), and now even brony conventions   RD wink


The whole weekend filled with fun, fans, guests, and entertainment of all kinds - starting with traditional MLP-themed LARP, followed by panels, workshops, and music games, to the final charity auction - is waiting for all Czequestrians!  Twilight smile


When: 19. - 21. August 2022 (LARP on Friday, convention itself on Saturday and Sunday)
Where: KD Krakov, Prague, Czech Republic
Event language: English
Detailed info: www.czequestria.cz/en

Tickets: buy your ticket here!

Join the Czequestria herd on Discord!

For actual info and news, follow the @Czequestria Twitter.

In case of any questions, please let us know here in this thread or send us an e-mail to [email protected].


We are looking forward to see you in Prague!


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Last week of sponsor and cheap tickets


Czequestria is getting close really fast now (less than a month), so the end of sales for Eclipse (sponsor), Constellation (super-sponsor) and Spark (standard at a lower price) tickets is almost here! After 1.8. (next Monday) only "Last minute Spark" tickets will be available - these are the same as "Spark", but for a significantly higher price.


If you still don’t have your ticket and are planning to attend, want extra rewards, or save on the entrance fee, don't wait until the last minute and buy your ticket now!


Thanks to everyone who decided to support Czequestria! Because after three years of waiting, it’s happening again!




Time plan, accommodation and transportation



When does Czequestria start and end? How to get to the venue? Where to stay in Prague conveniently and nearby the venue? Planning to attend an event can take a lot of effort, especially if you are traveling from far away.


The following overviews will help you plan your participation at Czequestria, or at least save time searching for necessary information:

  • Time plan - a general overview of the program of the entire event
  • Transportation - how to get to the event and back, how to use public transport in Prague
  • Accommodation - tips on available hotels and hostels nearby



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BlackIceMusic – bouncing vibes to the party!



What kind of party would it be without a DJ whose music can stir up the energy in the party hall! We are introducing the first of those who are about to tune you up to the true party mood. (If the music styles mentioned below don't ring any bells, check them out on the Internet).


BlackIceMusic  has been making electronic music since 2014, originally inspired by Big Room music. Later, he branched out to Dubstep but then returned to focus on Melbourne Bounce and now Future Bounce. You may know him from his tracks "The Fuff", "Jinxies" or more recently, "Memory".


At Czequestria, he will perform a DJ set with Melbourne Bounce, Future Bounce, House, and other festival genres!







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Crowdfunding for Czequestria 2022 is open!


With less than two weeks left until this year's Czequestria, time is running out and there seems to be no shortage of important things to announce!


As every year,  we also want to offer an opportunity to get thematic rewards in addition to the tickets. By purchasing these, you can support Czequestria and ensure the smooth running of not only this year's event but also any possible future editions. From this year (same as for the tickets), you also use a payment card. In addition to the current rewards, we also offer leftovers from past Czequestrias (in case you are still missing them).


We hope you enjoy the rewards! And if so, let us know by tagging @Czequestria on Twitter or drop us a line on our Discord server!


 >> Crowdfunding shop is here <<



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