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Found 2 results

  1. Time is racing towards 2019 when the 4th Czequestria will take place. Nevertheless, planning and efforts to estimate what will come next has been an integral part of our daily routine for quite some time. Our lives are getting faster - thanks to the modern life style and our past as well as civilizations are quickly getting buried under the overwhelming amount of new information. How did our great civilizations, which disappeared in the course of history, used to look? What did their inhabitants look like, how did they live and what would the world of Equestria look like in their fantasies? Historians and archaeologists have tried to answer some of these questions for a long time… we will try to answer the last one with our entire Czequestria team: Theme for Czequestria 2019 is the “Ancient World”! If you wondered how ancient Rome, Egypt or other great civilizations in Equestria universe looked like and you want to experience a bit of their glorious past, come to Czequestria 2019! Together, we’ll travel to the ancient Equestrian times to experience their everyday life as we – and the ponies of the current Equestria – know it from various legends and stories. The whole weekend filled with fun, fans, guests and entertainment of all kind - starting with traditional MLP themed LARP - is waiting for all Czequestrians! When: 23. - 25. August 2019 (LARP on Friday, convention itself on Saturday and Sunday) Where: KD Krakov, Prague, Czech Republic Web: https://www.czequestria.cz/ Detailed information will be revealed in near future, stay tuned on official announcements on @Czequestria Twitter CZ/SK bronies Facebook and of course here in this thread too. ^.^ In case of any questions, please let us know here in this thread, via Twitter @Czequestria or send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We are looking forward to see you in Prague!
  2. Czequestria 2014 1. CZ/SK bronies My little pony: Friendship is Magic convention Web Link: www.czequestria.cz Date: 30-31.8. 2014 (+29.8. 2014 LARP event ) Location: KD Krakov, Prague, Czech republic Language: English and Czech/Slovak FaceBook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/291892140969974/ Twitter Czequestria: https://twitter.com/Czequestria Twitter Miss Libussa: https://twitter.com/MissLibussa Description: Czequestria is the first dedicated My Little Pony convention in the history of Czech and Slovak brony community. It brings folks from both countries together, to celebrate with our favourite colourful equine friends! But not to worry − the Czequestria’s primary language is set as English. Many of us visited various conventions over the whole Europe and now we wish to share the joys of being a brony through Czequestria! The convention itself isn't all that we can offer as the city of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, has much to witness from its rich history and unique sights, like the famous astronomical clock tower − Orloj or the Prague Castle. You can explore the city during our MLP-themed LARP event scheduled for Friday on 29th August. So why not use this unique opportunity to meet new friends as well as visit the historical heart of Europe? Current status: TICKET SALE NOW OPEN! http://czequestria.cz/tickets Ticket Tiers: The usual, please! (320 CZK = ~49 PLN) 2-day entry LARP game entry Convention guide Special lanyard badge Feelin' Fancy? (777 CZK = ~118 PLN) 2-day entry LARP game entry Convention guide Special lanyard badge Czequestria 2014 T-shirt Name/Nick or message in con. guide - Sponsor section Czequestria 2014 badge Castle Royale (1800 CZK) - Sold out already, sorry :( 2-day entry LARP game entry Convention guide Special lanyard badge Czequestria 2014 T-shirt Name/Nick mention in con. guide Czequestria 2014 badge Tickets (2) to Sugar Cube Corner Limited ed. of Miss Libussa 2014 figurine Name/Nick in sponsors For up to date information, please check www.czequestria.cz ! If this is in wrong section, sorry about that, I've tried my best to find the right spot!
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