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  1. LARP Just a few days left until Czequestria, so it’s about time to tell all attendees as much as possible about the next week events. All details about the Friday MLP roleplay game are now available in LARP section!
  2. Welcome in digital space of Czequestria! Less than a week now remains to Czequestria 2017: weekend filled with fun on the verge of digital and real world, ponies and meeting bronies from all around the Europe. Do you join the game with us? =) All thanks for promo to animation and VA team! DSC Graphics (animation – @DSC-Graphics, dA), jerry411 (animation – @jerry411x, dA), Aques Levaro (sound, music – YouTube), Perrydotto (voice of Libussa – @perrydotto, dA), Serena Midori (voice of Canni – @SerenaMidori) a Jenny Schreiber (voice of Radoslava)
  3. Good news everypony! After the tickets were sold out (again), we managed to increase the capacity - so the tickets are available (again)! Upgrading the mane hall is magic!
  4. Important announcement regarding tickets We would like to thank all of our attendees for over-exceeding our expectations for Czequestria attendance! It makes us happy to see so many of you looking forward to visiting Czequestria – it is a big motivation for us to make it as good as possible! We are currently looking into the options on how to extend the capacity of the rented venue! Within 48 hours we will publicly announce if we were succesful in this venture and if the ticket sale will be re-opened! At this very moment, the tickets for Czequestria 2017 are sold out. EDIT: Couple of tickets released as they were stuck in the system as unpaid for long, long time! Grab them before they are gone!
  5. Special guest from the machine realm: Sweetie Bot project We are excited to announce the attendance of a team behind the real life pony robot – the Sweetie Bot project! These guys are building a robot that looks and acts like an Equestrian pony. Don’t miss the panel presentation where four team members: disRecord, mutronics, Renha and Zuviel, will tell you about the latest news of the project and answer the questions from the audience. They will also bring a working prototype, so don’t forget to come to their table to give a brohoof to Sweetie! Here are few words from them: «Sweetie bot Project is a small team of enthusiastic brony engineers from Russia interested in ponies and robots and working together on the concept and realization of Sweetie Bot. Our mission is to take advantage of high tech magic to bring ponies into life in the robot form. We believe that in future humans and pony robots will be able to be friends and live together in peace and harmony.» Be sure to check the and YouTube channel for the latest news and updates! Also the article about their current progress has been recently published on Equestria Daily.
  6. Trotting here from distant land: Przewalski’s Ponies If you’ve already visited Czequestria at least once, you will surely remember the brony music band which comes to visit us every year and always brings beautiful songs to every pony at the con. This year we are proud to announce that Przewalski’s Ponies are returning once again! Now we’re looking forward to not just to listen to their songs, but also towards the reunion with our long-time-no-see friends. Przewalski’s Ponies – Andy Feelin (bass guitar), 4/3 know also as Chord (guitar) and Velvet R. Wings (harp, vocal, percussion) – will present a new acoustic feature with Celtic harp. Old songs, new sound! Also Velvet R. Wings will perform her new songs by her solo project ILLUMNATION. Find & listen to their music online at and on YouTube. You can also find them as @PrzPwnies on Twitter, at or Facebook.
  7. From Ashes of Equestria, visiting Czequestria! Only one month remains to the beginning, so it’s about time to introduce all the guests who will visit us this year! We are honored to welcome those, whose name is not unknown to any “Fallout: Equestria” fan, neither to any regular Czequestria attendee. As in previous years, The Overmare Studios well known for developing the computer game Ashes of Equestria (formerly named Fallout: Equestria, The Game) are comming to Czequestria! From the whole team (consisting of many members), accepted the invitations: Aivri (Audio/The Wasteland Wailers), Dex (Programming and QA), Dolkar (Programming), Ansis Malins (Programming), Hamish Milne (Team Lead/Programming), Pickelhauben Pony (Design) a Adam Sporka (Team Lead/Audio/Wasteland Wailers). You can look forward to new game development, fixed bugs, quests and their in-game system and also well known music from Wasteland Wailers band and many more! Panel will be hosted by Adam Sporka, Hamish Milne, Aivri, Pickelhauben Pony and Dex. You can find all the information about new game at their website The music from Wasteland Wailers (focused not only on Ashes of Equestria ) can be heard on Wasteland Wailers soundcloud.
  8. Charity auction: Hippotherapy is Magic! As tradition dictates, Czequestria 2017 - like almost every brony conventions - will feature a charity auction! This year, we will be supporting a more equine cause - Hippotherapy , which is a form of Equine-assisted therapy. A close contact with the animals positively affects patient's motor skills, coordination and balance. Haven't you ever thought hugging equines could be magical? Anypony can donate a mlp-related item to the auction and all the money will go to support the above mentioned magical thing. For more information (also how to donate) see
  9. The first “Czequestrian” from far, far away land! As with anything complex, MLP:FiM was created by people of all walks of life. And thanks to these folks we’ve been able to experience the joy of this wonderful & mesmerizing TV show. And apart from the voice actors, it’s the script & lore writers that create the actual story for those characters. And even though there is now more than handful of those that have been involved with this show, there is only one that is quite more close to Czequestria than any other… Without further ado, it is our utmost pleasure to welcome book & script writer and a person, that’s definitely no party pooper M. A. Larson Sadly due to these duties he won’t be able to participate in person (as you could’ve guessed from the picture bellow), but you won’t be spared of his voice as he will call in via Skype. More info at
  10. ------------------------------------- Cosplay? Cosplay show for everypony! ------------------------------------- Cosplay is a traditional part of any fan convention, including ours! So if you are thinking about creating a costume of your favourite character then go for it! It’s most certainly welcome and if you’ve never tried it before, don’t worry – it’s great fun! No need for years of experience this time – The Cosplay show on this year’s Czequestria is open to anyone who will dress into a costume and become his/hers favorite Equestrian or Equestria inspired character. Details and further info at
  11. Guests? Guests! The very first one revealed! Guests of various art professions are the adornment of all bigger social events and this year’s Czequestria won’t be an exception. We are honored to introduce the first of our guests: the Slovak VA known to bronies for giving her voice to Pinkie Pie, Lenka Debnárová! After finishing her studies at the university of musical acting she has been involved in dubbing as well as both radio and television moderation. Her voice brings many foreign characters to life, such as Padma Patil in Harry Potter or Stephanie Barnett in Big Bang Theory. Currently you can also see her on the biggest Slovak TV Markíza as a weather reporter. For more info visit
  12. As the Czequestria is drawing closer to us in time, the digital boundary moves closer to our reality. And starting today everypony can get their own piece of virtual world in a real form: Crowdfunding to support Czequestria 2017 has just been launched ! The more pieces of the virtual world you choose to bring into your reality, the more events will take place on this digital spectacular weekend , and those memories will last longer! Because as we all know, all important data should be carefully backed up, ideally at multiple places! And what can you get from the digital world of Czequestria? Enter the portal and check out the Crowdfunding site!
  13. Are you excited for our LARP? Are you wondering what exactly "LARP" at Czequestria means? All your questions are now answered on our website. Get your answers right here:
  14. The long-time awaited moment is here! … we are finally publishing the sign-up option for vendors! You need to read the rules first, then you just have to fill the form. You will then be noted whether you’ve been accepted or not and will be sent information concerning the payment of vendor fee. Most of the information is same or very similar as previous years - see for details. You can apply until 30th of June 2017!
  15. If you are wondering, how does Czequestria look like, well here is something that certainly can clear up that question: CZEQUESTRIA 2014 Overview video CZEQUESTRIA 2015 Overview video NOTE: Czequestria's panels and workshops are in English language, which is usually big surprise to Czech and Slovak attendees even though we write it on all of the posts.