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  1. Ashes of Equestria return and The Overmare Studios too! We are pleased to welcome back our regular guests from The Overmare Studios! Well known to all “Fallout: Equestria” fans and also to regular Czequestria attendees, The Overmare Studios team members AdamJ, Ansis, Hamish, and Robert come back to us with the latest news about the development of the computer game Ashes of Equestria (formerly named Fallout: Equestria, The Game). Don’t miss their panel on Saturday and be sure to check their table in vendor area - they sure have something to show you! You can find all the information about the game on their website https://theovermare.com Program schedule for Czequestria revealed! The long awaited program schedule for this year Czequestria has been revealed! You can find it in Program – Schedule section on Czequestria website.
  2. Charity auction: Hippotherapy is Magic Like almost every brony convention, Czequestria always features a charity auction! This year, we will be supporting an equine cause – Hippotherapy, which is a form of equine-assisted therapy. A close contact with the animals positively affects patient’s motor skills, coordination and balance. Haven’t you ever thought hugging equines could be magical? Anypony can donate an MLP-related item to the auction and all the money will go to support the above mentioned magical thing! And as every year, the charity auction will be run by famous Perrydotto in action&fun style! For more information (also how to donate) please check the Program – Charity auction on our website.
  3. - Crowdfunding – a piece of treasure from Ancient Equestria Czequestria is already around the corner, but still has not revealed all its hidden treasures. Many of them had long been hiding in dusty halls and locked chests. Now is the time to bring all the artifacts to the light of day! If you want to take away a bit of the ancient world for yourself, don’t hesitate! Treasures are usually small-sized and not everypony will eventually get them. And as in the whole history, time plays (and will play) the main role. You can get the artifacts of Ancient Equestria from Crowdfunding that just started!
  4. Last day for Patrician tier ticket sale! Afterwards its just the Standard entry (Citizen tier) and there is at least 1 more guest to announce, but likely more ;-)
  5. DJ Delt∆ – dance music for partying hard! Better stretch your hooves in advance – DJ Delt∆ aka Joël is returning to Czequestria party and certainly won't leave his House and Techno beats at home! DJ-ing since 2009, he's been playing at many brony events in Europe, including GalaCon, Everfree Encore and since 2015 also at Czequestria. His recent move from Germany to the Netherlands did not stop him from playing his favorite music to share and enjoy it with everypony who likes to party hard! Check his music mixes at Soundcloud and... get ready!
  6. Accommodation - solo, together & few tips We added a few tips for affordable accommodation near Czequestria venue. And because renting the accommodation together is usually cheaper than solo room, we also added a new channel where you can look for roommates - you can ask also on Czequestria thread on bronies.cz board, but for some visitors it is a bit impractical. So... we opened the Discord server for Czequestria attendees where you can not just look for common accommodation, transportation, but also to see where the pre- or afterparties take place, or to post your (more or less) crazy photos and videos from Czequestria itself.
  7. It’s about time to introduce first of our Guests of Honor! Elley Ray is known to the brony fandom as a voice of Mistmane, one of the Pillars of Ancient Equestria and the Element of Beauty, but her talent reaches much wider and further! She has performed in over 300 theatrical productions with hundreds of on-camera series and movies to her credit and voiced literally thousands of animated series, animated movies, commercial campaigns and games. During her more than 40-years-long career, she has traversed the stages, film sets, television and radio studios. More at https://www.czequestria.cz/elley-ray-the-voice-from-equestria-and-much-more/ (Mistmane art by PatchNpaw)
  8. Prince Whateverer Guitarist, vocalist, and producer from the south-east coast of United Kingdom. Since late 2011, his heavy metal and pop-punk music with a light electronic and acoustic flavor became popular among many bronies all over the world! His debut album Rediscover was released in November 2013 and to this day he performs at conventions in the UK, Germany and the US – this year, he will join us at Czequestria Check his YouTube channel for a great music and let him know to @PWhateverer on Twitter how you like it!
  9. Long time, we've been silent... and now it's announcement time again! Fan made music is the integral part of brony fandom – from original songs to remixes, musicians of all genres let the melodies bloom and fly to an listening ever-thirsty crowd. And we are proud to announce more musicians coming to Czequestria 2019! ILLUMNATION – a music to turn the darkness into light ILLUMNATION is an acoustic dark-folk band founded in late 2015. Starting as a solo project of Velvet R. Wings (vocals, harp, flutes, songwriter and guidance) quickly became a duo when Andy Feelin (bass guitar) joined and together they performed at many brony music events. Most probably, you already met them: both Velvet and Andy were members of Przewalski’s Ponies and visited most of the brony events in Europe, including Czequestria. Despite their original band ended it’s activity in November 2018, their passion for music did not stop with end of that era. ILLUMNATION brings the darker corners of the world to the light through the words and music. For this year Czequestria, they join with Soul Strings (acoustic guitar) and we welcome them all at Saturday evening concert. The feelings in their strings, brought to you on the wings of shadows, will surely enlighten you. Give them a warm welcome and enjoy their music!
  10. >>> Ticket sale now open! <<< Sorry for delayed message - the Senator tickets are now about 75% sold out already! FYI convention, panels, booklets etc. is all in English language ;-)
  11. For everyone who is eager to know more about next Czequestria and/or likes to plan ahead, we have good news: Czequestria 2019 will take place on August 23-25, 2019 The venue will be again KD Krakov in Prague Do not forget to mark the date in your calendar – we are looking forward to seeing you there! Czequestria date and place announcement We hope to see you all (again) and hope that the date works for you! =)
  12. Time is racing towards 2019 when the 4th Czequestria will take place. Nevertheless, planning and efforts to estimate what will come next has been an integral part of our daily routine for quite some time. Our lives are getting faster - thanks to the modern life style and our past as well as civilizations are quickly getting buried under the overwhelming amount of new information. How did our great civilizations, which disappeared in the course of history, used to look? What did their inhabitants look like, how did they live and what would the world of Equestria look like in their fantasies? Historians and archaeologists have tried to answer some of these questions for a long time… we will try to answer the last one with our entire Czequestria team: Theme for Czequestria 2019 is the “Ancient World”! If you wondered how ancient Rome, Egypt or other great civilizations in Equestria universe looked like and you want to experience a bit of their glorious past, come to Czequestria 2019! Together, we’ll travel to the ancient Equestrian times to experience their everyday life as we – and the ponies of the current Equestria – know it from various legends and stories. The whole weekend filled with fun, fans, guests and entertainment of all kind - starting with traditional MLP themed LARP - is waiting for all Czequestrians! When: 23. - 25. August 2019 (LARP on Friday, convention itself on Saturday and Sunday) Where: KD Krakov, Prague, Czech Republic Web: https://www.czequestria.cz/ Detailed information will be revealed in near future, stay tuned on official announcements on @Czequestria Twitter CZ/SK bronies Facebook and of course here in this thread too. ^.^ In case of any questions, please let us know here in this thread, via Twitter @Czequestria or send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We are looking forward to see you in Prague!
  13. LARP Just a few days left until Czequestria, so it’s about time to tell all attendees as much as possible about the next week events. All details about the Friday MLP roleplay game are now available in LARP section!
  14. Welcome in digital space of Czequestria! Less than a week now remains to Czequestria 2017: weekend filled with fun on the verge of digital and real world, ponies and meeting bronies from all around the Europe. Do you join the game with us? =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-LF9dZ93hY All thanks for promo to animation and VA team! DSC Graphics (animation – @DSC-Graphics, dA), jerry411 (animation – @jerry411x, dA), Aques Levaro (sound, music – YouTube), Perrydotto (voice of Libussa – @perrydotto, dA), Serena Midori (voice of Canni – @SerenaMidori) a Jenny Schreiber (voice of Radoslava)
  15. Good news everypony! After the tickets were sold out (again), we managed to increase the capacity - so the tickets are available (again)! Upgrading the mane hall is magic!
  16. Important announcement regarding tickets We would like to thank all of our attendees for over-exceeding our expectations for Czequestria attendance! It makes us happy to see so many of you looking forward to visiting Czequestria – it is a big motivation for us to make it as good as possible! We are currently looking into the options on how to extend the capacity of the rented venue! Within 48 hours we will publicly announce if we were succesful in this venture and if the ticket sale will be re-opened! At this very moment, the tickets for Czequestria 2017 are sold out. EDIT: Couple of tickets released as they were stuck in the system as unpaid for long, long time! Grab them before they are gone!
  17. Special guest from the machine realm: Sweetie Bot project We are excited to announce the attendance of a team behind the real life pony robot – the Sweetie Bot project! These guys are building a robot that looks and acts like an Equestrian pony. Don’t miss the panel presentation where four team members: disRecord, mutronics, Renha and Zuviel, will tell you about the latest news of the project and answer the questions from the audience. They will also bring a working prototype, so don’t forget to come to their table to give a brohoof to Sweetie! Here are few words from them: «Sweetie bot Project is a small team of enthusiastic brony engineers from Russia interested in ponies and robots and working together on the concept and realization of Sweetie Bot. Our mission is to take advantage of high tech magic to bring ponies into life in the robot form. We believe that in future humans and pony robots will be able to be friends and live together in peace and harmony.» Be sure to check the http://sweetiebot.net and YouTube channel for the latest news and updates! Also the article about their current progress has been recently published on Equestria Daily.
  18. Trotting here from distant land: Przewalski’s Ponies If you’ve already visited Czequestria at least once, you will surely remember the brony music band which comes to visit us every year and always brings beautiful songs to every pony at the con. This year we are proud to announce that Przewalski’s Ponies are returning once again! Now we’re looking forward to not just to listen to their songs, but also towards the reunion with our long-time-no-see friends. Przewalski’s Ponies – Andy Feelin (bass guitar), 4/3 know also as Chord (guitar) and Velvet R. Wings (harp, vocal, percussion) – will present a new acoustic feature with Celtic harp. Old songs, new sound! Also Velvet R. Wings will perform her new songs by her solo project ILLUMNATION. Find & listen to their music online at https://przewalskisponies.bandcamp.com and on YouTube. You can also find them as @PrzPwnies on Twitter, at https://vk.com/przewalskis or Facebook.
  19. From Ashes of Equestria, visiting Czequestria! Only one month remains to the beginning, so it’s about time to introduce all the guests who will visit us this year! We are honored to welcome those, whose name is not unknown to any “Fallout: Equestria” fan, neither to any regular Czequestria attendee. As in previous years, The Overmare Studios well known for developing the computer game Ashes of Equestria (formerly named Fallout: Equestria, The Game) are comming to Czequestria! From the whole team (consisting of many members), accepted the invitations: Aivri (Audio/The Wasteland Wailers), Dex (Programming and QA), Dolkar (Programming), Ansis Malins (Programming), Hamish Milne (Team Lead/Programming), Pickelhauben Pony (Design) a Adam Sporka (Team Lead/Audio/Wasteland Wailers). You can look forward to new game development, fixed bugs, quests and their in-game system and also well known music from Wasteland Wailers band and many more! Panel will be hosted by Adam Sporka, Hamish Milne, Aivri, Pickelhauben Pony and Dex. You can find all the information about new game at their website http://theovermare.com The music from Wasteland Wailers (focused not only on Ashes of Equestria ) can be heard on Wasteland Wailers soundcloud.
  20. Charity auction: Hippotherapy is Magic! As tradition dictates, Czequestria 2017 - like almost every brony conventions - will feature a charity auction! This year, we will be supporting a more equine cause - Hippotherapy , which is a form of Equine-assisted therapy. A close contact with the animals positively affects patient's motor skills, coordination and balance. Haven't you ever thought hugging equines could be magical? Anypony can donate a mlp-related item to the auction and all the money will go to support the above mentioned magical thing. For more information (also how to donate) see https://www.czequestria.cz/charity-auction/
  21. The first “Czequestrian” from far, far away land! As with anything complex, MLP:FiM was created by people of all walks of life. And thanks to these folks we’ve been able to experience the joy of this wonderful & mesmerizing TV show. And apart from the voice actors, it’s the script & lore writers that create the actual story for those characters. And even though there is now more than handful of those that have been involved with this show, there is only one that is quite more close to Czequestria than any other… Without further ado, it is our utmost pleasure to welcome book & script writer and a person, that’s definitely no party pooper M. A. Larson Sadly due to these duties he won’t be able to participate in person (as you could’ve guessed from the picture bellow), but you won’t be spared of his voice as he will call in via Skype. More info at https://www.czequestria.cz/the-first-czequestrian-from-far-far-away-land/
  22. ------------------------------------- Cosplay? Cosplay show for everypony! ------------------------------------- Cosplay is a traditional part of any fan convention, including ours! So if you are thinking about creating a costume of your favourite character then go for it! It’s most certainly welcome and if you’ve never tried it before, don’t worry – it’s great fun! No need for years of experience this time – The Cosplay show on this year’s Czequestria is open to anyone who will dress into a costume and become his/hers favorite Equestrian or Equestria inspired character. Details and further info at https://www.czequestria.cz/cosplay-show/
  23. Guests? Guests! The very first one revealed! Guests of various art professions are the adornment of all bigger social events and this year’s Czequestria won’t be an exception. We are honored to introduce the first of our guests: the Slovak VA known to bronies for giving her voice to Pinkie Pie, Lenka Debnárová! After finishing her studies at the university of musical acting she has been involved in dubbing as well as both radio and television moderation. Her voice brings many foreign characters to life, such as Padma Patil in Harry Potter or Stephanie Barnett in Big Bang Theory. Currently you can also see her on the biggest Slovak TV Markíza as a weather reporter. For more info visit https://www.czequestria.cz/the-very-first-guest-revealed/
  24. As the Czequestria is drawing closer to us in time, the digital boundary moves closer to our reality. And starting today everypony can get their own piece of virtual world in a real form: Crowdfunding to support Czequestria 2017 has just been launched ! The more pieces of the virtual world you choose to bring into your reality, the more events will take place on this digital spectacular weekend , and those memories will last longer! Because as we all know, all important data should be carefully backed up, ideally at multiple places! And what can you get from the digital world of Czequestria? Enter the portal and check out the Crowdfunding site!
  25. Are you excited for our LARP? Are you wondering what exactly "LARP" at Czequestria means? All your questions are now answered on our website. Get your answers right here: https://www.czequestria.cz/larp-en/
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