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  1. The long-time awaited moment is here! … we are finally publishing the sign-up option for vendors! You need to read the rules first, then you just have to fill the form. You will then be noted whether you’ve been accepted or not and will be sent information concerning the payment of vendor fee. Most of the information is same or very similar as previous years - see https://www.czequestria.cz/vendoring/ for details. You can apply until 30th of June 2017!
  2. If you are wondering, how does Czequestria look like, well here is something that certainly can clear up that question: CZEQUESTRIA 2014 Overview video CZEQUESTRIA 2015 Overview video NOTE: Czequestria's panels and workshops are in English language, which is usually big surprise to Czech and Slovak attendees even though we write it on all of the posts.
  3. Walking along the edge of digital world is our daily life nowadays. But we observe the thin line between our and the one-and-zero reality still from one side. How could it change our lives, when we decide to cross the digital border? What welcome would the digital Equestria inhabitants prepare for us? Czequestria 2017 - DIGITAL FRONTIER! When: 18.-20.8.2017 (LARP of Friday, convention itself on Saturday and Sunday) Where: KD Krakov, Prague (more info) Webpages: https://www.czequestria.cz/ Tickets: https://www.czequestria.cz/tickets/ Get ready for traditional MLP themed Friday LARP which is going to be different this year: it won't guide you to see the beauties of Prague as much as the last one but it'll prioritize the Role Play part. Will you help Sunset Shimmer to solve a friendship problem? We're counting on you! Plus of course MLP weekend filled with fun, fans, guests and entertainment of all kind. Detailed information will be revealed in near future, stay tuned on official announcements on @Czequestria Twitter CZ/SK bronies Facebook and of course here in this thread too. ^.^ We are looking forward to see you in Prague!
  4. The END is neigh! (of tickets, you are okay, don't worry!) Its PANIC time! There are only 42 tickets left without their owners! You can run in circles, screaming and flailing your arms about oooor you can hit the web and claim a ticket of your own! &&& Czequestria announces Josh Haber! Czequestria 2014 has changed a small part of history in our little country by presenting this type of unique convention fully in English language as well as bringing various foreign guests to Prague! It was based on a joke we made back in 2013 that turned into reality. After Czequestria 2014, everybody was already looking forward to the next one while joking about our future guests. And as last year we’ve decided to break the boundaries that many thought were impossible to reach, yet here we are, at this very moment, when we are very proud to announce our next Guest of Honor! Ladies and Gentlemen, Fillies and Gentlecolts, please welcome My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic & Equestria Girls mini series script writer - Josh Haber! Let’s list the episodes that have his signature - It’s the Season 4 Castle Mane-ia, Simple Ways and Leap of Faith! In Season 5 he is behind the episode Bloom & Gloom! But it doesn’t end there, his script-writing is also to be found on Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks mini episodes - Hamstocalypse Now and Pinkie on the One! Before the My Little Pony he has written the script for 2 episodes Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters cartoon He has also appeared on the screen in TV series Everwood, The Assistants and Gilmore Girls. A person of many talents indeed! http://www.czequestria.cz/czequestria-anounnces-josh-haber
  5. FEELING FANCY TICKETS DEADLINE! Would you like a Czequestria T-Shirt? Then this is just the right time to buy or upgrade to Feeling Fancy ticket! We will be closing the sale of Feelin’ Fancy tickets in just 7 days - on Friday 17th July! Afterwards only the basic tickets will be available as we cannot let the poor blank-flank T-shirts remain colourless for too long! The magical doorway to your happiness: https://www.czequestria.cz/tickets/
  6. Did somebody say.. guests?! We've several new guests to announce! And they sure will make your Czequestria experience special! Lets start with a an artists, whose comics do attract lots of attention - as they are simply gorgeous and funny! We're proud to have this comics artists on board - Pony Berserker ! Pony Berserker brings pony art to a whole new level through his comics! Surprising twists, satirical points of view and unusual encounters are just a few of many events that you can encounter in them. And that’s only a part of his whole art portfolio, which you can check out right here: DevArt PonyBerserker Please welcome the Queen of Auctions - PerryDotto! She manages auctions at various convention! The most memorable ones are those from our neighboring convention – Galacon! Be it a picture, flag, hat, a bottle of beverage or a kiss from a famous celebrity, she can auction it! Also please welcome the Director and Programming leader of the Overmare Studios - Hamish Milne! We're very happy to see him in Czequestria Guest list once again! Along with AdamJ and IvoryKeysADSR, they will be the ones to present the latest and greatest of the Fallout: Equestria (the Game) information from its development. ----- - We've got you covered if you are looking for more info on guests, as its just a click away: Czequestria 2015 Guests - Do you like towels (especially today!)? Or perhaps you like travelling? If you do and you plan on visiting Czequestria, then this hopefully easy-to-use page should prove quite resourceful to you: Czequestria 2015 Travel - Looking for a place to sleep? We've prepared this neat page with information on various options: Czequestria 2015 Accommodation - FAQ Web section is now available right here: Czequestria 2015 FAQ -----
  7. Tickets.. tickets EVERYWHERE! Some 8 months ago, ya'll had a chance to be a part of one of the most unbelievable and unexpected events of our local fandom, and now you've the opportunity to be part of it all again! Ladies and gentlemen, fillies and gentlecolts, the tickets for Czequestria 2015 are now available! https://www.czequestria.cz/tickets/
  8. Equestria, we've an update! Guests, wonderful guests! That's right - we would like to welcome our friends from The Overmare Studios, Adam Sporka (music lead) and IvoryKeysADSR (music composer) that will let us see inside the progress on the project Fallout: Equestria - The Game! ----- Calling all vendors, sales people and artists! The vendor registration for Czequestria 2015 is now OPEN! Link: http://www.czequestria.cz/vendoring/ ----- Additionally, if you are following our Twitter you may have noticed a strange box.. Well, its slowly opening and letting out its secrets! Oh hello there CHU! Well, I think we will be doing BUCK next year as well as the Summer Wrap Up in Spain, Madrid too! But yeah - this Czequestria is gonna be bigger than last year.. we've got a Grand hall for more people as well as we are working on some special super sweet guest/s ;-) Thanks for the cheer and will see you hopefully in Prague ;-)
  9. Wondering how Czequestria went about the last year ? Luckily we've an awesome recording team (cheers folks!) thus this wonderful video could be created:
  10. Czequestria - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention by CZ/SK bronies z.s. Web Link: www.czequestria.cz Years running: 2 Date: 21. - 23. August; LARP event on 21st Location: Prague, CZ Language: English FaceBook Event Link: Czequestria 2015 Facebook event Twitter Czequestria: https://twitter.com/Czequestria Twitter Libussa: https://twitter.com/MissLibussa Czequestria is BACK! With more colours, fun and crazier management team than ever before we are gonna turn Your weekend into a memory to cherish for very, very long time! Be it guests from local communities or VIP's from afar, various popular games such as Trottmania, My Little Karaoke or even My Little Rockband (that we've in full set!), new workshops to attend, new competitions to join, we've got it all prepared for you! There sure will be other bronies too to just chill out with, talk about the new episodes and pony things alike! Oh and goodies, many cool goodies to see and buy from our wonderful vendors! But enough words, time for action! The following week between 19th April we will be releasing news on guests as well as launching the sale of tickets! Yes, that's right! Tickets will be on sale starting 26th April 2015 at about 20:00 CEST as long as the Discord is kept away from our technical background! VENDORS! That's right! We will also be launching vendor application's very soon, they are all actually ready but time schedule sure can be busy. Sorry for keeping you waiting so long - keep tuned on Twitter, Facebook, Forums or Web for the link to register! TICKET SALE STARTS ON SUNDAY 26TH APRIL 20:00 CEST !!! If you have a specific problem with your ticket, let us know via the email on [email protected] Ticket Tiers: The usual, please! (350 CZK = ~51 Zloty) 2-day entry LARP game entry Convention guide Czequestria 2015 lanyard with entry badge Feelin' Fancy? (850 CZK = ~125 Zloty) 2-day entry LARP game entry Convention guide Czequestria 2015 lanyard with entry badge Czequestria 2015 sponsorship T-shirt Name/Nick mention in con. guide Czequestria 2015 button Castle Royale (2015 CZK = ~296 Zloty) 2-day entry LARP game entry Convention guide Czequestria 2015 lanyard with entry badge Czequestria 2015 sponsorship T-shirt Name/Nick mention in con. guide Czequestria 2015 button Special Voucher Limited edition of Libussa 2015 figurine Name/Nick in sponsor section What are the reasons to buy a higher-tier ticket? We've got some good points but we won't stop you if you make your own! a) More memorabilia items to remind you of this great event! b) To show your support for the staffers, who have turned a dream into reality! We appreciate it as well as it drives us further to provide more and better performance! c) Possibility to expand the guest list as well as more panels, workshops and fun! d) More decorations for Czequestria, to make it shine! e) For the inner feeling of doing something good? No matter what you choose or decide to do, buying any ticket shows your support for us and we are very thankful for that! Cheers! -Czequestria Team As with everything, in case of any questions, contact us on [email protected]!
  11. ENOUGH REST, FELLOW CZEQUESTRIANS! That's right ladies and gentlemen, we've finally fully recuperated from the convention madness as well as finished the tasks such as full inventory check and financial transition of funds to Bronies For Good! First and foremost, hearty thanks to everybody who has taken part in preparations, organisation and running of the entire event as well as to all our esteemed guests, staffers and visitors! Conventions are done by the fans, for the fans thus it is always up to the actual attendees on what the final verdict and general "feel" will be. Although we were quite unsure how it will end, as language and currency barrier is not an easy one to pass, we are proud to say that all went well! All of you have created a lovely atmosphere that was comparable to other conventions which we’ve visited in past years such as in Germany, France, Finland or United Kingdom! No major problems or hiccups, just minor stuff such as the delay which, to my personal and to others surprise, we've managed to catch up with (at least on one of the days). Sadly, the issue of having sufficient air conditioning is still a frequent one at any convention. Still, we will do our best to learn and improve from that! Some quick statistics: 1) All of the tickets sold out with close to 40% of attendees choosing the premium tickets! Thank you for your generosity and support! 2) Attendees from countries such as Slovakia, Serbia, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and others attended and there were quite a lot of them! Hope you enjoyed Prague, too! 3) Charity auction didn't fit in its time slot, nor in the reserve one so yeah. We all can blame Fanta for that. 4) 50% of Swedish VIP's liked Kofola! 5) Charity auction raised 46.700 CZK (~1690 EUR/2170 USD), which, considering that CZ is a very low income country and the amount of attendees was much lower than any other con, gives us a pretty good and neat result actually! Nice one! 6) I (Melgarh) have found out, that I can actually work with only 3 hour sleep per day for 4 days straight! 7) I’ve also found out that working with only 3 hour sleep per day for 4 days straight gets you an audition to a zombie movie! 8 ) A media team present at site managed to produce a news video every day summarizing the best stuff! You guys are crazy! 9 ) No IT gear broke down, good karma right there! 10 ) Everything is awesome! So the question is... where does this road takes us next? Well, we can't say for certain but there is still a lot of unique ideas left from the preparations for CZQ 2014 that didn't make the cut simply due reasons such as insufficient staff or preparation time (work on Czequestria begun around January 2014 so yeah, 7.5 months to turn the crazy idea into reality is a real challenge!). However, now that people have seen what we are capable of, we are receiving tons of lovely feedback with offers for volunteering the next year which is wonderful news! As its with the help of the volunteers that many ideas can be brought to life! As for this year - we are not going to be just napping around! We will be attending the following events: IstroCon in Bratislava 19. - 21. September, then the week after the My Little Konwent in Poland as well as Lunafest in Germany! Other events, such as BronyScot, are currently still unclear but we will see... there are only so many vacation days available per year! NOT ENOUGH PONY & PRAGUE FOR YOU IN THIS YEAR?! Then visit Prague on 12-13th December 2014 for our 3rd Annual Winter Karaoke party! It's a meetup, not a convention! (even thou some say quite the opposite..) More info on this will be available soon but to give our core team a “breather”, we will be making this in czech/slovak language only, sorry! (but still, lots of folks from Czequestria who can say a word or two in English or what not language will be there!) Video from last year (includes bonus “The Ear Suffering” by Kakofony band): How to make a meetup in ~3 minutes: ..and how it looks like when things get real:
  12. IMPORTANT UPDATE 1) The Feeling Fancy ticket sale will stop this WEEKEND! ( 9th August ) 2) New Guest - Anneli Heed herself! It's as hard to believe for us as it is for you but - its the truth! We would like to welcome the very first voice actress to Czequestria - the one and only Anneli Heed! She is from the land of vikings - from Sweden! Apart from voice acting she also does stand-up comedy, impersonation and sing too! Many of us were lucky to witness this first-hand at Crystal Fair's party where she paired up with Daniel Ingram and it was breath-taking! And don't forget the very first moment that sparkled all of this - the famous Soarin's apple pie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLDx6Go_mbM
  13. Once again, hello ahoy nazdar! Got a chunk of update for you! Firstly, the crowd funding campaign was a success with over 350% funding goal reached! The rewards are being produced as we speak and some of them are just mere days away! Next thing on the list: Vendors, goodies and general swag-list is now available on the website! Its rather simple list but it does serve its purpose very well! Simplicity does seem to be our theme when it comes to web! https://www.czequestria.cz/vendors Tickets are alive! Well not quite but they are moving fast - we are past the 2/3 ticket sold mark and will be closing down the sale of Feeling Fancy tickets by the end of July to have the T-shirts printed so grab yours while you can! More fun surprises soon to come! =) Stay tuned!
  14. Hello everypony! Just want to let you know that the deadline for advertisement spots in our Convention Guide is almost up! More information here: http://bronies.cz/Vlakno-Za-lepsi-Czequestrii-moznost-reklamy-v-brozure-Con-guide-advert Additionally, its only 11 days left until the end of the crowdfunding campaign which is right here: http://www.kreativcisobe.cz/czequestria-2014/?project=307 Soon we will also be releasing a compilation of vendors that have been approved to our convention so you can prepare your wallets for the goodies that will be on sale! Lastly - we've released the full information packet regarding the friday LARP event! You can find the information on that right here: http://czequestria.cz/LARPen For any queries or questions, let us know through [email protected] email or via Twitter, bronies.cz forum, Facebook page or Eurobronies forum! Cheers and have a great start of the week!
  15. Didn't catch the Castle Royale ticket? We've launched Crowd-funding campaign which includes the Libussa figurine! CrowdFunding campaign's instructions on how to pay/register are here: http://bit.ly/1kY47cz The campaign web is here: http://www.kreativcisobe.cz/czequestria-2014/?project=307 We've got cool goodies starting from badges, leaving your name/nick in convention guide for others, the classic CZ/SK bronies t-shirt (which you may have seen demonstrated en-masse on Galacon '13), a sand-engraved Half-liter beer glass (or any other non alcoholic drink that you can drink by half-litre meassures!) and also the Libussa figurine! (she is gorgeous ^^; Thanks Stevelynx!) Not able to attend? No problem - we can arrange for delivery via post, althou it will take time as we need to work on Czequestria, so it will be posted afterwards. (however we will still try to handle it before!) Additional postage fees apply however, as every country's postage system is different. Hope to see you at Czequestria 2014!
  16. General update time! We are currently offering paid advertisement spots in the Convention guide: (Scroll a little for English part) http://bronies.cz/Vlakno-Za-lepsi-Czequestrii-moznost-reklamy-v-brozure-Con-guide-advert - Vendoring applications are now closed! - Over 50% of tickets are now sold! Aaaand this lovely video was created by fan of ours *cough* to show the long way from a party of friends to a convention-sized gathering! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-hsFMNmRUM
  17. Just a little information update: Tickets - sold 100 pieces out of 230 capacity limit! Vendors - 4 days left for the registration form to close! ( http://czequestria.cz/vendors ) For group accommodation - I can recommend the A&O hostel, its not far, its very cheap, its decent and, as group bookings go, its fun! =)
  18. Cześć! There are some means to travel to Czech, on the cheap - one of them is this company: http://www.polskibus.com/en In Czech, we also have this web which tracks all the busses and trains in Germany, Austria, Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary etc.. http://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/vlakyautobusy/spojeni/ (right hand side is to switch to english) About accommodation - http://czequestria.cz/info/accommodation there is A&O Hotel/Hostel which is quite cheap - 6 euro/night for advance booking, if the room is filled with bronies, its awesome times for party too! Do zobaczenia! -Melgarh
  19. Czequestria 2014 1. CZ/SK bronies My little pony: Friendship is Magic convention Web Link: www.czequestria.cz Date: 30-31.8. 2014 (+29.8. 2014 LARP event ) Location: KD Krakov, Prague, Czech republic Language: English and Czech/Slovak FaceBook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/291892140969974/ Twitter Czequestria: https://twitter.com/Czequestria Twitter Miss Libussa: https://twitter.com/MissLibussa Description: Czequestria is the first dedicated My Little Pony convention in the history of Czech and Slovak brony community. It brings folks from both countries together, to celebrate with our favourite colourful equine friends! But not to worry − the Czequestria’s primary language is set as English. Many of us visited various conventions over the whole Europe and now we wish to share the joys of being a brony through Czequestria! The convention itself isn't all that we can offer as the city of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, has much to witness from its rich history and unique sights, like the famous astronomical clock tower − Orloj or the Prague Castle. You can explore the city during our MLP-themed LARP event scheduled for Friday on 29th August. So why not use this unique opportunity to meet new friends as well as visit the historical heart of Europe? Current status: TICKET SALE NOW OPEN! http://czequestria.cz/tickets Ticket Tiers: The usual, please! (320 CZK = ~49 PLN) 2-day entry LARP game entry Convention guide Special lanyard badge Feelin' Fancy? (777 CZK = ~118 PLN) 2-day entry LARP game entry Convention guide Special lanyard badge Czequestria 2014 T-shirt Name/Nick or message in con. guide - Sponsor section Czequestria 2014 badge Castle Royale (1800 CZK) - Sold out already, sorry :( 2-day entry LARP game entry Convention guide Special lanyard badge Czequestria 2014 T-shirt Name/Nick mention in con. guide Czequestria 2014 badge Tickets (2) to Sugar Cube Corner Limited ed. of Miss Libussa 2014 figurine Name/Nick in sponsors For up to date information, please check www.czequestria.cz ! If this is in wrong section, sorry about that, I've tried my best to find the right spot!
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