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  1. Dbleki

    It has been some while, but I am slowly starting to draw ponies again so have this filly Dashie :3 Also i decided to make an auction, starting bid is 5 dollars. If someone is interested link is here: https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/L5JO/be-ready-for-winter/ thank you
  2. Dbleki

    Yo! Still alive! here have another Dashie. and also PearButter, cuz it's my fav ship Don't wanna spam too much, so more stuff is still here, as always xD https://dbleki.deviantart.com/gallery/
  3. Dbleki

    I'm using Paint Tool Sai
  4. Dbleki

    Thank you guys :3 Because of my school I dont have much time these days... But I decided to draw something silly for better mood :).
  5. Dbleki

    Hello guys, Didn't upload for very long time. Many things happend so.... but I'm back! Here few of actual arts I made.
  6. Dbleki

    dziękuję! - Tak! Jest to mój drugi ulubiony kucyk - Zdecydowanie Discord, Chrysalis - Zarówno - Jednorożca Like I said before, I prefer more english, but dont mind to write in polish. I would be glad if someone will correct me if i write something bad ( I'm tlaking about polish but you it can be also english, I'm not so good in it) I dont know, I still more prefer older series, so I dont pay much attention to these "new" ponies, but I still like her more than Glimmer I quess... if there will be more time, I will definetely draw her ( same for Glimmer and other ponies - Marble and Maud Pie and so on ) Its same like Applejack or FlutterDash... really favorite ships even there is no grounds at all, maybe it is like that because ( Im talking about ship between mane six right now) they spend so much time together so there is bigger chance they will fall in love to each other, for example Fluttershy and Dashie know each other realy long time, Dashie helped her when she was younger... Applejack and Rainbow Dash - really similiar in character Twilight Sparkle and Rainow Dash- Dashie is really active in sports against Twily which prefer more reading books and so on, really nice to see opposite character being together. I think relationship will be more "balanced" in this way :D. Yes, I do. Past sins is my favorite and also teardrops and snowflakes, beyond the wall, Fallout, Pretty in pink...
  7. Dbleki

    I apologized because I wasn't sure, if is it even ok to be here, bacuse I'm not Polak ... I know its not and Im pretty sure I wont be never good with timing and inflections but atleast I will try Major Degtyarev: I'm actually "czech" but dobrý den to you as well!
  8. Dbleki

    Thank you guys! Yes I have, but only with Dashie, I'm really big fan of TwiDash Cześć! dziękuję c: 1. Yes! These flowers are very interesting, I have venus flytrap but I would like to buy also pitcher plants next time! 2. Yea, sorry for that, hope it dont mind too much, I would like to learn polish, even few words would be good enough for me, cuz I know how many people dont feel very comfortable with writing in english, you know. To be honest, our czech forum is kinda...welp, not so good, mostly art section, people always ignore you and if they want something, its request to draw something, I would like to meet new people and also new artist, I recognize there are many really great artist, but not even that, all community is really nice to me and I like it here, I would like to stay here and I dont mind to learn more polish because of that :). 3. Why not both? Dude, thats hard, people mostly say Luna, but... I like them both 4. T-34? I dont know, sorry Im girl, but when I played WoT, I remember this one, cute smol R-34 :D. 5. Yes, I do but unfornaturely there isn't much time for that. Thank you! Yea, I'm actually trying ( with google translator xD) to read some of them, but its not so hard, the good thing is, that czech is really close with some words I would like to learn polish language. Nice Makise Kurisu here! This nice place dont deserve to be called "hell". Thank you! Cześć, bardzo mi miło. Ah, I see cute Holo here
  9. Dbleki

    Added. Because of new season I felt from silver to bronze, so technically I'm noob... and I mostly play supports :D. I have some internet conneciton problems right now so I didnt play almost month :(.
  10. Dbleki

    Thank you very much! Thank you! no no, your czech is not so bad! but we are using more " ty obrázky" then "ty arty", for some reason.. Cześć! 1. I registered here because I was curious and wanted to met new people, also polish is similar to czech and slovak language 2. 2-3? I dont know, I more understand polish than speak, I have experience with writing in polish only in League of Legends 3. Welp, long story short, it was like 5 years ago, I played game transformice and met one guy here, he said he loves mlp, I didnt believe him but was also curious so I google it and found some pics of Rainbow Dash, I really loved (and I still do) how she looks , so I started to watch also mlp thnx to her. Love this rainbow horse.
  11. Dbleki

    Cześć wzsytci Nazywam się Dbleki, nie jestem z polski....and unfornatunely I can't even speak in polish very well xD. I can understand and write few words but thats all. I'm actually from Czech republic, found this forum thankz to our czech forum, but feel free to talk to me in polish if is it more comfortable for you, I don't mind! My most favorite ponies are Dashie, Pinkie, Twilight, AJ, Colgate... its really hard for me to pick only few of them. I like to draw and currently I'm studying graphic design, I'm 17 years old (almost). I registered here only day ago but it was enough for me to realise this community is amazing! c: Brohoof! (/
  12. Dbleki

    Hello my czech friend, glad to see you here!
  13. Dbleki

    I will definetly go see the movie to the cinema, unfortunately I'm not from Poland so there is no chance to go as a "group" I quess. Rapid: From where is this pic? I dont like that idea make AppleBloom alicorn much...
  14. Dbleki

    FirstChoice: I would prefer if you send me note in DeviantArt, thank you! I reserved slot for ya. Cheese: Oh my! Thank you so much for that tutorial! Im gonna fix it right now. Cluvr: Thank you so much, these comments always make me smile I love you guys, thank you so much for your support and all of this! This community is SO amazing! Sorry for many emoticons, I simply love them xD
  15. Dbleki

    Wow! That Luna is really great! I also like the way how you sketch your arts and then color it digitally, it looks really good + watched!
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