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Kucykowy Test MBTI

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  • 4 weeks later...

Fluttershy??? głupoty! Call of duty, myśli rewolucyjne, oceny i częsta bezmyślność pozdrawiają. no dobra. a ten drugi test?

TWILIGHT???????? to nie jest śmieszne :twilight9:

w innym teście miałem rainbow i applejack i z tym się zgadzam.

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Spodziewałem się wszystkiego ale ni Scootaloo a wyszła właśnie Scoot

A tutaj wyniki dokładne

Based on your answers, your personality type is most likely:


Your first preference is toward extroversion, which means that you get your energy from interacting with other people. Other people are often energized by your presence as well, and you're usually seen as a 'people person'. You likely have a knack for persuading others.

Your second preference is for sensation. Sensors are pragmatic, precise people who are very detail oriented. Instead of looking at the big picture first, Sensors concentrate on specifics. They highly value experience and often have an excellent memory.

Your third preference is for feeling. Feeling, in this sense, has little to do with emotion. Feelers look for the subjective qualities in a situation that give it meaning and importance. Feelers are often less concerned with precise facts and more about what's right and wrong.

Your fourth preference is for perceiving. Perceivers are flexible and spontaneous, working in spurts of energy instead of pursuing strict deadlines. You often wait to make decisions in order to take in new information.

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Introversion (I): |||||||||| 41.67%
Extroversion (E): ||||||||||||||| 58.33%

Intuition (N): ||||||||||||| 52.5%
Sensation (S): |||||||||||| 47.5%

Thinking (T): ||||||||||||||||| 68%
Feeling (F): |||||||| 32%

Judging (J): ||||||||||||| 52.94%
Perceiving (P): |||||||||||| 47.06%


Jestem  :tempt: (ENTJ) A dziwne to, bo N I E N A W I D Z Ę kucykowej przedstawicielki tego typu.

"ENTJs are among the rarest of types, accounting for about 2–5% of those who are formally tested." Jestem gatunkiem rzadko występującym. Nie dokarmiać!

Logiczne jak to, że "Jeśli Ania ma dwa ciastka, a Bartek nowe trampki, to odpowiedzią jest zielony, bo kosmici nie noszą kapeluszy." :ming:

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