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Kucykowy Test MBTI

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Z tego łatwiejszego wyszedł Spike, ale za to ten z większą ilością pytań połechtał mi ego :twilight4:

Based on your answers, your personality type is most likely: INTP Your first preference is toward introversion, which means that you get your energy from interacting with your rich inner world. You tend to be reflective and contemplative. You likely prefer to have a few close friends instead of many acquaintances. Your second preference is for intuition. Intuitives are interested in the more abstract side of life, concentrating less on specific details and more about meaning and patterns. Intuitives are naturally oriented toward concepts and can often make connections between complex sets of facts. Your third preference is for thinking. Thinkers prefer to remain objective, concentrating more on facts than subjective factors in a situation. Thinking types are usually very analytical and logical thinking comes easily for them. Your fourth preference is for perceiving. Perceivers are flexible and spontaneous, working in spurts of energy instead of pursuing strict deadlines. You often wait to make decisions in order to take in new information.

W końcu to mój ulubiony kucyk.

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